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Stonyfield’s “CE-Yo” Steps Down But Keeps Active on Regulatory Front

Stonyfield’s co-founder and longtime so-called “CE-Yo,” Gary Hirshberg, is resigning from his post. But he’ll retain his most important position in the organic food movement. Hirshberg got Stonyfield up and running in an era where “organic” was far less common … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Regulate Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is proving a weak link in an otherwise strong organic certification process. I’ve written before how organic farmers must obtain certification from a government-sanctioned certifier before selling products labeled “organic.”  They have to follow the USDA’s rigid organic … Continue reading

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How Do You Sell Organic Food, When It Costs More to Produce?

High prices are a thorn in the organic food industry’s side.  At least for now, the cost of organic farming exceed those of conventional farming.  As such, an organic producer must convince consumers to pay a higher price for his … Continue reading

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