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Stonyfield’s “CE-Yo” Steps Down But Keeps Active on Regulatory Front

Stonyfield’s co-founder and longtime so-called “CE-Yo,” Gary Hirshberg, is resigning from his post. But he’ll retain his most important position in the organic food movement. Hirshberg got Stonyfield up and running in an era where “organic” was far less common … Continue reading

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More Reasons to Question GMOs

I’ve posted before about the possible dangers of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The major concern seems to be that GMOs tend to reach beyond the fields where they’re planted and, if they’ve been genetically modified in a way that … Continue reading

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Stonyfield Strikes Back: As Opposed as Ever to GMOs

I wrote on Friday about the USDA’s decision to approve genetically modified alfalfa without restriction. This was a surprise because Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack had suggested earlier that he favored geographical limitations on the use of GM alfalfa so … Continue reading

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