Fragrance-Free Deodorant: Arm & Hammer Essentials

As part of my quest to go fragrance-free, not only in anticipation of some day having a third family member in our household but in hopes of improving my own health, I’m experimenting with fragrance-free deodorant.

I chose Arm & Hammer largely because of price.  I based the remainder of my decision on the simple fact that it met my criteria for a fragrance-free deodorant.  (Largely, that just means it was fragrance-free.)  So far, I’m happy with my choice.

Arm & Hammer Fragrance Free Deodorant

Deodorant . . . and antiperspirant?

The deodorant seems to work.  Obviously, it can’t cover up body odor with a powerful fragrance of its own, but would you want that?  I don’t.  I also don’t get nice comments from my wife when her nose is (for whatever reason) near my armpits.  This is a downer, but on the whole how often did that happen with my old deodorant anyway?  And it doesn’t give me that powerful scent when I pop off the cap in the morning and start applying it.

But these three negatives are little to give up.  The deodorant does have some sort of scent (despite its “fragrance-free” label), apparently from the inclusion of essential oils.  That’s a small point in its favor.  To me, it smells a bit lemony, but I’m not sure that’s how the manufacturer views it.  In any event, the scent is very subtle; for practical purposes it may as well be  completely odorless.  It certainly doesn’t have the unpleasant scent that some other “fragrance-free” products I’ve tried have given off.

And the deodorant does seem to work.  I certainly haven’t noticed odors coming from my armpits, even on periodic sniff tests.

Now, this doesn’t sound like a rave review.  And so far, it’s not.  I’ve only had this deodorant for a few days, and there’s only do much a deodorant can do to wow you (unless you happen to love its fragrance).  But there’s also only so much a deodorant needs to do, to satisfy you, and with this fragrance free (and artificial-coloring-free) product, all I’m really looking for is satisfaction.  It doesn’t need to blow me away.

One big test remains for this product, though.  I’d chosen my prior deodorant (All Spice High Endurance) less for its scent or deodorizing ability but because of its purported antiperspirant effects.  No antiperspirant has ever really worked for me–walk outside on a hot, moist day and the sweat ducts start churning away in high gear–but Old Spice High Endurance seemed somewhat less ineffective than the rest.

Since my new Arm & Hammer product doesn’t even purport to be an antiperspirant, I have few hopes for it in this category.  The active ingredient does seem to be baking soda, which ought to have at least some absorptive capability.  And despite a recent heatwave, I haven’t noticed unsightly perspiration from my armpits since using this new deodorant–even on days so hot my head and neck start sweating profusely.  If this armpit dryness continues, I’ll be elated with the product–dry summertime armpits have long been my white whale.

But that’s yet to be demonstrated.  I’ll keep you posted if I find this new (to me) fragrance free product has the enormous side effect of keeping the armpits dry.

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6 Responses to Fragrance-Free Deodorant: Arm & Hammer Essentials

  1. Kelly Mayor says:

    mmm, Arm and Hammer is “supposedly” questionable about having aluminum in their baking powder…if you take magnesium supplement you don’t stink. I like Crystal deodorant. It comes in either a solid stick that you get wet, or a roll on…

  2. Good for you on your decision to move away from artificially scented products. If you keep at it (scent free laundry, personal care, household cleaning, etc.) you will develop a strong distaste for the overpowering scents that are in everything nowadays. As far as babies go, scent is one of the keys to bonding baby with mom, and vice versa, if mom can actually smell natural scents. There is no scent on earth as intoxicating as a newborn baby’s perfume – they smell like a little bit of heaven!

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  6. Milton Punja says:

    Magnesium is essential for bone formation and the absorption of calcium in the body. i take 500 mg magnesium supplements daily. ^

    Most interesting content on our very own web site

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