The Latest from Just Label It

Just Label It is one of those organizations I love to have around.

Its main mission is to promote a change that 92% of Americans want to see made: Requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Due to growing awareness about GMOs in the USA, we can now find “No-GMO” labels on certain food products, assuring us that what we’re eating hasn’t been genetically engineered.  And the USDA Organic seal assures us of the same.  But more than two thirds of the processed foods we eat contain GMOs, and few of us know about it.

We should.

What’s so bad about GMO’s?  Nothing, necessarily.  But because most GMOs have been subject to very little testing, we really don’t know whether they may prove troublesome down the road–or are even troublesome now.  And we should have the right to decide whether the first tests that are done on GMOs are done on our own bodies.  Check out Label It Now’s latest effort below, and click on their link to tell the FDA to label GMOs:

Just Label It

Makes you want to label GMOs, doesn't it?

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