Organic Product Review: Ezekiel 4:9

I wrote a jaunty review of Ezekiel 4:9 Golden Flax in November.

That review has since become one of this blog’s most visited posts.  But I now regret writing that review because I gave this cereal a luke-warm reception.

And my feelings toward the product are hardly luke-warm.  In fact, since writing that review after my first taste of the product, Ezekiel cereal has morphed into a staple of my diet, and my wife’s.

Why?  Because I got over my one initial objection to the product: its taste.  From the start, I loved that the product is 100% natural and, aside from its small sea salt content, 100% organic.  It’s just a bunch of different whole grains, minimally processed (and certainly not refined), thrown into a box with some sea salt.  Because it has a high concentration of vegetable protein, vegetable fat and fiber, it’s filling and satisfying.  (Particularly now that I’m a vegan, it helps to eat something substantial.)  And because it’s pesticide free, I’m happy to feed it to myself and my wife and will be happy to feed it to our kids once we have them.

Ezekiel 4:9 Golden Flax

Time for Me to Right Past Wrongs

So the product is a big win from a health, dietary and lifestyle perspective.

And for whatever reason, the initial objections I had to its taste have disappeared over time.  With soy milk and frozen blueberries, it taste about as good as any food that’s not loaded with artificial sugars, salts and fats, and at times I even find myself eating it without the blueberries and enjoying it.

And the fact that my wife now eats it as much as I do is a further sign that this product can taste sufficiently good.  I often tout dietary choices (from a vegan diet, to the avoidance of refined carbohydrates to my love of grapefruits and bananas) but almost never do I win converts.  With Ezekiel 4:9, it happened without my ever saying anything.  My wife grabbed the box off the top of the fridge, and the rest is history.

So this new review is something of a psychological unloading for me, having sucked up for the past several months the realization that I wrote a critical review of this product and then went on to eat it nearly every day for half a year.  Talk about cognitive dissonance.

There, I feel better already.  And who knows, maybe this review will win Ezekiel 4:9 some new converts.

Have you tried this unassuming but highly satisfying breakfast cereal?

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3 Responses to Organic Product Review: Ezekiel 4:9

  1. I love Ezekiel bread, but have never really enjoyed the cereal.

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  3. Ezekiel says:

    Looking for healthy breakfast cereals? Discover the wonders of Ezekiel Cereal; its quick, easy and healthy. Read and be completely informed.

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