Your Whole Foods Olive Oil Is from Spain. If I Deciphered the Code Correctly.

Where was your olive oil made?

If you buy Whole Foods 365 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you’ve got some work cut out for you, if you want to know.

In an age when even Domino’s is trying to show you where its ingredients are raised, Whole Foods forces you to decipher a code.  Check it out:

Whole Foods Olive Oil

I Used to Dream of Being a Code-Breaker. Today, I Can Do it in My Pantry.

Each possible country of origin (your olive oil could apparently come from any of eight countries) is given a code letter (A through H).  You have to see which “letter(s)” (evidently it could be from multiple countries) appear “in brackets near the lot code”.


My thoughts exactly.  If you look at the photograph above, you will see a “(C)” in what I assume is the “lot code”, next to the “best before” date.  So my guess is, my olive oil is from Spain.

Where’s yours from?

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