Domino’s Pizza: Cheese from Grass-Fed Cattle?

I just saw Domino’s new commercial for the first time.  The one where they hold a focus group in what appears to be an office building but turns out (when they take down the walls) to be a farm.

The cattle on the farm look happy roaming the open fields.  But is it possible that the cheese on Domino’s pizzas truly comes from pastured, grass-fed cattle?

Domino's Pizza

Did They?

I am sure that at least some of it does, or else a large corporation like Domino’s would not be advertising this on prime time television.  But how much of their cheese comes from grass-fed cattle?

I would imagine, not much.  Even the big organic milk companies, Horizon and Aurora, are said to buy most of their organic milk from “factory farms”, where cattle are confined and fed corn, and not grass.  (Cattle do not eat corn in nature, and their stomachs are ill-equipped to digest it, but most milk is nonetheless produced this way.)

I suppose we will learn more about Domino’s new cheese as the ad campaign progresses.  They have already launched a website devoted to the campaign.  But I will be very surprised if idyllic pastures like those they display on TV provide even a twentieth of their cheese.

Let’s see if Domino’s can prove me wrong.

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